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5 alba poems by Alfred Booth


5 alba poems by Alfred Booth


5 alba poems

An alba poem. A short  poem of lover’s separation before dawn; cf.  Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene.


those words
love? caress?
the end of moonlight
sweet kisses
until the next eve
insobriety? lust?
brings us together
again, we must say
the words?
kiss me again
the tips of my fingers
mourn your touch
the last star
my star
our star
winks out
your magic stays
to play with my heart
my soul

unwanted departure

( alba, 1 )


night empties itself
moonlight wanes, stars
fade into a larger blue
shimmering that breaks against
their whispers
can this be true?
lovers tear themselves
from grips of ecstasy
and trip on tear-fall
loneliness swells
into a world haunted
by one word

when the night bleeds

( alba, 2 )


you departed to the east
your tomorrow
I took to the west
to remember yesterday
last night
last kisses
to not forget, ever
I run
back to our lake
our bench
the weeping of our willows
moonlight dissipated
water stilled from
collective shimmering
breathless, less than earlier
I find only your shadow
still visible to my heart
and all my words
still left to be said

lover, look back

( alba, 3 )


dawn breaks
our embrace lingers
braving tear’s threshold
stars and moon give homage
to the light in your eyes
these moments
have overcome my life
with the sudden intensity
of unexpected beauty
will the stars
in their eternal lasting
grant our humble love
another tomorrow?

illuminating love

( alba, 4 )


night has awakened me
its shadows a home for love
safe, unobserved, secret
all source my invigoration
this adoration
takes me beyond meditation
to carnal admiration
the moon is a toy
the constellations a fairy world
beyond these sensations
of aliveness
bid thee farewell?
sweet lover
come with me towards tomorrow’s
sweet promise
and let us dream together

this aliveness

( alba, 5 )

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