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4 poems by Marcy Clarke

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I am new to writing- less then a year of poetry under this novice belt-It has become my mentor, where I write my whispers-a wise grief therapist sent me into this new land and I thrive…








our boys rising early, picking apples

in the orchard for granny’s pies,

pit bull Hanna sprawled in the shade

one eye open…


sun, beginning its climb

smiles on bushel baskets half full,

two boys fooling around poking fingers

excavating abandoned worm homes,


tossing rotten apple grenades…

bites of crispins crunched,

sweet juice dribbling sticky ribbons

down superman tees,


wiped off on corduroy and Hanna’s fur…

whistle from the house rouses our girl,

she nudges laughter jostling apple baskets,

granny’s butter crusts rolled and waiting…




Scent Of Memories


drowsy rain,

its housekeeping chores sparkle

dewdrops on lips spruce and maple,


sun’s sweet breath whispers hugs,

smiles against my breast when

I pick you up,


kiss the top of flaxen curls drenched in

rose and lavender…

the scent of your laughter, fragrant in my


polished garden,

shares its perfumed secrets with newly

turned earth and rainbow clouds…


a breeze of fine cotton, drying in midday sun,

wafts lilac and willow on a summer

day, drifting promises of


home baked cookies tumbling ‘thru

an open window

catching a ride to heaven and beyond…




The Necessity Of Motion


wheat sways in the wind

rustled leaves at midnight

I breach its womb…


billowed breezes gather


milling daydreams a fine grain


like the wheat once harvest begins…

its final blessing

melancholy swept clean,


scent of cooling loaves drift

on weathervane’s creaking sigh

the windmill comes to rest…




Pocket Full Of Posies


they played in meadow’s wildest blooms,
plucking blossoms and leaves of
motley hues

he dressed her curls with daisy smiles
entwined with laurel and lavender

stretched out on bentgrass tracing clouds
their honeyed song a gentle breath
scattering petals in the air…




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