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4 poems by Linda Stevenson

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Linda Stevenson is a founding member of Melbourne Poets Union, facilitator of poetry groups in gaols and community centres, contributor to anthologies. Chapbook “The Tipping Point”, a collection of eco-poems published in 2015, feature guest poet on Radio 3CR “Spoken Word”. Active as a poet within the online poetry sector, hosts regular Salons at her home in Frankston, Victoria




None of Your Letters


I only knew you’d gone

because I read of a memorial

in your honour. Very good.

But none of your letters

had mentioned leaving,

except where you wrote

“Dum spiro spero”

half a century ago.

“While I breathe, I hope”

I guess that was on topic in a way,

though the ink has redacted itself

to merely a watery hint,

the writing paper


as disappearance.



Long Time


When you were 19 going on 47,

you took so long with your makeup

that I would leave you there

at the hallway mirror

and head off to the tram stop alone

so one of us

would get to work on time.

I’m still considering

whether to forgive you or not.





Too much and not enough; art and poetry,

beat and incessant beat, crowds.

Millings around the large word.

Auditoria, soundings, instruments, walls.

Wailing. Contemporary blueprints.


Critique this…holding out broken arms,

frames of reference, essence, kitchens.

I have prepared for you a simple meal,

as when true hunger leads us to gardens

of sustenance, and we pick delightful fruits,

a soft bloom on their skins; no surfeit,

just enough, savouring a dear precision

of need and offering.





The playboys of the western world are weary.

Their knees hurt. They cry softly into their instant

noodles, plaintive; fall

into wardrobe mirrors, fall into themselves,

image upon spun image of virility lost, that one

lovely young girl beyond grasp. And they know

she always was untouchable, as old hags

reclaim playboy essence again. Murder,

heads on poles, weapons, weapons, haircuts,

spinning shards cracking them up, cracking

them open, killing them and everyone else…

exactly what they always hoped for.





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