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3 poems from Jennifer Fytelson

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JENNIFER FYTELSON is an American poet from the New Jersey area. She holds her BA in English with a concentration in writing from The William Paterson University and a MA in creative writing from the University of Lincoln. Jennifer has been featured in The Mitre, which is Canada’s oldest literary magazine twice and won first place in a University of Lincoln competition.  Jennifer currently resides in England with her husband and cocker spaniel, Millie.


Chocolate Cake and Latkes

I’m in a Charlotte state of mind
landing and driving down the Billy Graham
smelling Mickey and Mooch, a corner
booth that always welcomed
Providence holds an arch and a row of cherry blossoms
our favorite place
3026 Candlewick
letting go of prime real estate and memories
it’s no surprise you won’t be there
just a little hard to swallow

Verbal Water Boarding

We come in peace but we mean business
Madison Ave swarmed with pink hats
Mitel 5320 stares at me
Silently pleading for it not to ring
mundane, the calendar swirls by and the dates pass
nothing changes nor will it for the next four years
an oral agreement is only as good
as the paper it is written on
To watch a moron speak one thing but do another
is rather hopeless
his high pitch thrill of false excitement
cuts you and leaves you bleeding on your keyboard.
Today is damage
tomorrow is control.

Beer Me

The champagne of midway
a circle of trust that opens to no one
the ice cream ‘Magic Mike’
his handstands are to die for,
and flying umbrellas.
A camp of Crowley’s passing the Fritos
and downing the beer,
it’s a five o’clock world
the whistle blows and
it is happy hour.
Margaritas and 7-layer dip.
Number seven is never far from our matching shirts or hearts.



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