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3 Poems by Geraldine Ward

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Geraldine Ward is a writer and poet from Kent. She is also the author of children’s poetry and fiction, adult short fiction, poetry and a novella. She has had poems published in ‘I am not a Silent Poet’ edited by Reuben Woolley, ‘Writers Cafe Magazine’ edited by Marie Lightman among other publications. She also enjoys playing piano and is currently learning ukulele. You can find more of her work at www.geraldineward.wordpress.com  Her Facebook page is www.facebook.com/geraldineward.co.uk  Twitter is @GWardAuthor


Never again

Melting in your smile, your mouth
I could have kissed a week ago
But now asleep in my bed
As the rage in my head gets louder
the decibels crank and the floorboards creak,
I hear the energy through the walls
And wonder what was that?
Gravity playing games
And I am on a tightrope twisting
On my own strange roller coaster
Through life.
I still see your smile and raven hair,
Twinkling blue eyes but they are fixated else where
On some golden girl about town
I lie in my bed alone again
But for the rustle of the duvet
And the promise of that kiss
Never again.



You were my ingot, my amethyst, my gold, silver and ruby ring.
You were my promise of marriage and heaven now consigned to oblivion.
When I think of the gold rush, miners delving for fortune, with blood, tears and sweat on foreheads
I see our gold as a family, a three pronged jewel in a crown,
Now dusted off, thrown away in a rage of pain you put me through
And those jewels, the wedding rings no longer mine,
Back with you to use, abuse and squander.
I don’t care. I am free, seeking more of my own jewels and a prince who deserves the crown.


Steel Girl

Steel girl, with river eyes
You were the one other girls despised.
Your narrow eyes and lip stick lake,
Tan faked they said, though you were
dark as an African summer when it
Came and the swallows settled on
Your skin, melting heart, your aphrodisiac is your mind.
No Raw Hide or Sitting Bull compare to you,
Exonerated now but then they wouldn’t have it because of your dark skin.
Now they think you are a cherry picked member of a minority ethnic group.
Political apartheid has become degenerate
As you hold yourself erect.
Your ancestors and children are within you as is your God and with wind and fire you proclaim
I am just the steel made girl with river eyes,
With dust I’ll end and dust I will rise.
The star ascends beyond a mist into a sea of sky,
Where the swallows cheerfully surround.

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