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3 poems by Drew Pisarra

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For nearly a decade, Drew Pisarra worked in AMC Networks Digital Department on behalf of such shows as “Mad Men,” “Rectify, and “Breaking Bad.” His one-acts have  appeared off-Broadway while his poetry has been featured in “Poydras Review,” “Thin Air,” and “St. Petersburg Review” among other publications. “Publick Spanking,” a collection of his short stories, was published by Future Tense.







Sonnet i


i’ve become so small since seeing you or

more like from how little you see me now

and how not seeing you makes me feel for

you see i see myself more now in how

i am perceived than how i came to be

this way and how wee our we has become

and how that came to pass this me not me

no me myself and I the total sum

a some less thing or a thing less same than

i would want it but it is what it is

and what it is isn’t and you’re not and

i can’t and we were but we aren’t this

thing that i miss that never truly was

but i wish wishing made it so because




Sonnet Phi


Why articulate an abstract idea

so divorced from quantifiable facts

when I can calculate what was real

and what’s not, old friend. No, I won’t retract

my foolish belief that our feelings were

deep, so deep they defied all convention.

Were we lovers? Soul mates? Something greater,

less twee? We kissed in multi-dimensions

and redefined a relationship as

“two parts brain paired with one part emotion.”

If it didn’t add up, still I let it pass,

settling for far less than devotion.

Our whatever was a false equation

based on mistruths and a cruel evasion.



Sonnet 6E


How dare you ask my apartment number

as if you hadn’t been here 34

times, as if we hadn’t spent those late nights

kissing and humping each other dumber,

as if my address somehow slipped your

mind, as if you’d forgotten those six flights

you’ll have to climb. Again. I bet I’ll smell

liquor on your breath, likely taste the one

hundred proof sweated out of your armpit

and neck not long after I hear the bell

letting me know it’s time to buzz you in.

But as for the next time, should you forget:

6 is for half-dozen, E is for egg.

Get your ass up here before I renege.





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