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2 Poems by spoken word poet, Melissa Ridge

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Melissa Ridge is a spoken word poet based in Dublin. She has performed at festivals in Dublin, Galway and London, as well as competing nationally and internationally, representing University College Dublin at the international inter-varsity poetry slam Unislam in England in January 2017.







Only she could have given herself a scar with the serrated edge of a clingfilm box.

She would slip eggs from the fridge into the pockets of her dressing gown and roll them in her palms on Saturday mornings,


The kitchen was the split between two oceans when they merged – you could see the currents shift as they crashed together.

“Will I get the pan from the washer?”

“We’re out of eggs”, she says.





you put the fun in funeral decorations


after seeing you

it’s that dead buzz after birthday parties

a funeral for deflated balloons


talking to you,

looking for spoons, at work

but there’s nothing but forks

on the draining board


being with you

reminds me of so many things,

warm damp  towels, wet with sweat

snaggly toenails, caught in cotton socks


you’re the hole in my sole

letting in all the rain.


you’re a blockbuster film

stellar cast and no plot


long gone, but I still miss you.


you’re so cold.

and ice, looks so pretty,

but only from a distance




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