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2 poems by Jeremy Nathan Marks


Jeremy Nathan Marks is an American living in London, Canada. Recent writing appears/is appearing in The London Free Press, OTV Magazine, The Black Lion Journal, Chiron Review, Rat’s Ass Review, Mojave River, The Wire’s Dream, Unlikely Stories, Landlocked Lyres, Alien Pub, The Blue Hour IV, and The Wild Word. His self-published poetry collection Facebook Friend will be published in July.

You can take my water

I have a mother 
a father
I have a lake by my home 
with a dog I take to that lake 
I have a sister 
a brother 
and a bird that visits me each morning 
as we go to my lake at daybreak  
The lake is a pool in my heart
my heart an island in that lake 
I visit my heart in water
I swim its beating waters
You can evaporate my water 
but can’t extinguish my heart
You might clench what is beating 
but you can’t grasp my springs.




Time pieces

Things seen and overheard:


At a sporting event somewhere
in the D.C. metropolitan area:

“If a jury acquitted a cop of beating one of us there wouldn’t be any riot.”


A thirteen-year-old kid
at a religious youth event in Montgomery County, Maryland:

“They all have names like Shaniqua and Towanda.
Darnell, Sharell, and Mwaka. Names that aren’t even real.”


In a house in Richmond
on a youth getaway weekend:

“Oh yeah. She’s got a jigaboo boyfriend. Nappy hair and bubble lips.”


A few days after Katrina, at a Labor Day Weekend picnic in a backyard
of suburban Hartford:

“Did you see those jigaboos looting their own grocery stores?”


And these remarks taken from the comments section
of a Youtube video found at random:

“Hitler was right. The Blacks have nobody equal to Shakespeare.”

– – –

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