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2 poems by Cathy Donelan

Cathy Donelan

Cathy Donelan is a writer from the West of Ireland. Her fiction has appeared in ROPESThe Honest UlstermanDodging The RainThe Nottingham ReviewSpontaneity and Blue Smoky Literary And Arts Magazine. Her poetry has appeared in The Galway Review, A New Ulster and The Blue Nib. She has won the December 2015 Poetry Pulse Prize and been highly commended in the 2016 Fool For Poetry International Chapbook Competition.


Those That Stir Under A Coming Moon

 A touch of gloss

lights over the wall, plants

and ice-blue sky.

Smoothed pave under

my toes, each step fills my breath

with evening cold.

Popcorn cloud, embers edge

grey dust centre rolls within,

caught between the dying sun

and curved brush of a coming moon.

Life stirs, swat of a moth

wing and repeating ticks

of a creature in the bush stills

my thought, takes the noise and

I just breathe.

A waking evening free.



Laying Foundations

Letters form, a phrase on the lips.

A sting of punctuation souring the words

out of my mouth,






swallow the syllables

back down. A vowel too empty

to paint the taste of my heart.


A consonant too tough to tell

the curls of life that come

in a restless evening sun.


Words that gnaw on the lines of my hand

deepening rivers that run through my fingers

and over my blank page.


Vines of ink

to lay as the bones

of a story untold.



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