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strike The farmers held Dead rats in their mouths, Wearing green loin clothes Hiding what is left of their pride. They sit in the capital city Waiting for some eyes to open, They sit for days Unblinking at the cold. Far away in distant lands Their crops have withered in the heat. Their children look …

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New Poetry

House Work Since January stole my tongue and tied it into knots, the house has become a blank verse. My hands repeat a cleaning rhyme in every stanza, I pack metaphors into drawers, layer them on shelves in the hot press among folded towels. Sparkling saucepans, spilling stolen poetry, hang from the freshly-painted bracket over …

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My name is Eileen Hugo and I am a poet. I am retired and doing all the things I love. The Austin International Poetry Festival was one of my favorite places to listen to and read poetry. Four of my poems have been chosen for the Di-verse-city Anthology. I also won a first prize for …

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Iris Orpi

Mizuage and other poems

Mizuage (水揚げ) April an invitation embezzling spells of innocence, verges of awakening, Gordian loopholes from the love language of hands quietly smoothing over the crumpled brows of dawn anguished over what sparse things it is able to carry to full term and leaving the rest to the condoning shadows. Believe, somewhere, in the dulcet hum of …

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