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Poets and writers in issue 37 of The Blue Nib Literary Magazine

You’ll Die as Fish- New Fiction

“May I help you?” The woman, her phone stuck to her ear, was one of those businesswoman-types, discreet although expensive-looking earrings, dark hair smoothed back into a ponytail, flawless designer suit. “Hold for a minute, please.” She turned towards the assistant – a nondescript girl somewhere in the middle of her twenties. “A chicken, a …

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Steps Leading Nowhere- Essay

It’s hard to choose which one of my travels had the biggest impact on me – I’ve been to 35 countries (36, if you count Transnistria) and counting. When I travel, it’s like I’m another person; a better version of me. I’m sure there is a host of psychological studies out there about changed mental …

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Poetry- Nadia Wolnisty

On “Self-Portrait” by Kay Sage To be a woman is like this now.Scrub it off as if it were a stain—all traces of your face.Use bleach if you must or dish soapif you have time to scrub.You’ll know when to stop. The lattice work where your noseused to be won’t hang vines orgo inside pianos. …

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Be Still: Poems for Kay Sage by Nadia Wolnisty

To touch someone well is difficult. Saying, Here, take my hand requires courage I simply do not have. I am a coward. Physical touch terrifies me. Part of this is trauma, part is mental illness, and part of it is just my personality. I am uncomfortable nearly one hundred per cent of the time. Having …

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