Declutter Time by Anne Ballard


Well-intentioned magazines still in the plastic
Status-declaring books, unread or struggled through once
Yellowed old-friend-paperbacks 
Recipes – what’s the Internet for?
Last century’s IT leads, going nowhere
            ditto relationships
Unloved presents from ex-friends
Kitchen gadgets for posh dinner parties
All the odd cutlery
Singletons; earrings, gloves, one-eyed sunglasses
Photos of people I can’t remember
or want to forget
Underwear in the deepest shade of grey
Colour slides from somewhere-or-other-mountains
Expired passports
Shoes that hurt my feet
Comfortable shoes curled up with age
Any clothes I could wear to an office
            small clothes 
Slimming-club optimism
           and all the ashtrays
Almost everything stowed under the sink
The skeletons in both cupboards
Guilt for not wanting to back-pack round India
             mother’s voice saying not you
Worn-out failed friendships
My dead who refuse to lie down
The fear that comes at four in the morning
all to be thrown out
some day.

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