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The University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque, has been curating my archives for years now, both literary material and photographic negatives. These relate to a writing life that has, to date, produced more than 150 books, and forty years as a photographer in Cuba, Nicaragua, and the United States. In May 2019 the University awarded me an honorary doctorate in letters. And in March of this year, Duke University Press—which has published a number of my non-fiction works—released my memoir, I Never Left Home: Poet, Feminist Revolutionary. These three events prodded some folks at the University to plan a day-long event in my honor. It was supposed to have taken place in April 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic canceled those plans, as it has so many others.

The University switched gears and decided to host the event virtually on October 28th. In some ways, it is even more exciting because people from all over the world will be able to attend. The celebration will have two components: a panel of experts who will talk about my archived collection, and a public conversation between Nicaraguan revolutionary and poet, Gioconda Belli, and myself. Gioconda will “interview” my memoir, I will read a fragment from the book, and we will also reminisce about our experiences as two strong women who participated in the male-dominated revolutionary movements of the 1970s and ’80s. I expect this conversation to be historic; in the current political climate we both see a need for putting it all “out there.” Both sessions will be followed by Q&As, at which we urge attendees to offer questions and comments.

To register for these events, go to You will receive an email response acknowledging your registration. Before the event itself you will receive the Zoom ID and passcode you’ll need to attend.

I hope to see you there!

Margaret Randall

Margaret Randall 2

About the contributor

Margaret Randall is an American-born writer, photographer, activist and academic. Born in New York City, she has lived in Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and Nicaragua. She spent time in North Vietnam during the last months of the U.S. war in that country and has written extensively on her experiences.

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