Le Fay by Amanda Mironova

Le Fay

Her paper-skin peels and burns
revealing words underneath
sentence-seams stitched together
paragraphs blurring in and out
a kaleidoscope soul
living casing clenches
and unclenches
throbs, pulses, breathes
one life-time
a layering of influences
words absorbed on top of words
a riddle of typos
faded script and easer marks

Whispered secrets soaked up
through molecule pores
like un-scrubbable blackheads
one master sailed off the world’s edge
seeking new ink to colour her spine
another master gossiped of
sound travelling at the speed
of light – imagine the tree that fell
erupted in white searing bursts
steady drums of volcanic magma
she’s had absent masters too
who have come undone
slowly, surely, over years of searching
for a holy cup

Once her skin had been pink
like the hearts of Himalayan salt mines
now, lost DNA exists only in
weaved tales of magic
faded like poorly drawn tattoos
one master – the first master
took offence to her bitter tongue
craved her kinetic energy
into the outlines of an old sorcery book
pages breathe in anguish
not quite hitting the edges
Morgana now travels the world
passed from hand to hand
chained to masters

Amanda Mironova-Stronge attends Ulster University

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