Jennifer Compton. All the lonely people

all the lonely people

i cut my toenails and my fingernails
sitting on the back step in the morning sun

let the clippings fall where they would (like a nomad)
tweezed the menopausal hairs from off my hairy chin

then kicked my heels up as the rock and roll bird
called – rock and roll! rock and roll!

tell a dream …

the guts of it is

my swelling mouth to
your unencumbered 

do you want 
to steal
an apple?

day for night
we are on location
the crew intent

about their business
the tree
lit from within

a slick theft
you sly gent

can be proven
in spite of footage
your legerdemain

do you always do
as if it is on camera?

you whirl and sting
stop touching 

every touch
is like a kiss
every kiss is a nip

like this like this like this!

About the contributor

Jennifer Compton was born in Wellington (New Zealand) and now lives in Melbourne (Australia). She is a poet and playwright who also writes prose. Recent work has appeared in Antipodes, Poetry New Zealand and the new spoken word anthology put out by University of Queensland Press - Solid Air.

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