A Venetian Pizzeria at 8 pm


today i heard your voice
and it sounded like some far away dream
i have known that tone before
i have known those words before
they drift across me
like sunlight over my skin
and you are there beneath it all
beneath the clouded visions and summer haze
the valley fog and the pouring rain
the lightning strikes and the eye of the storm
you are there
beneath it all


the light in the corner flickers a little bit
and i can’t help but see it
in the corner of my vision
like some love-struck girl
who can’t stop batting her eyelashes
she is blinking eternally
to the thudding
and the drumming
and the droning
of her lover’s heartbeat

About the contributor

Chloe Marer is an artist overall and a writer at heart. She enjoys gardening, baking, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends on the weekends. Chloe has been published in other works such as the Night Forest Cell of Radical Poets Journal, and the Pagans & Witches Zine. If you want to stay up to date with her up and coming projects and poems, visit her @chloe.m.writes on Instagram.

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