A Letter From The Blue Nib

Dear Blue Nib Contributors and Readers.

For the past four years our small team have worked hard to build a platform for the benefit of our writers, both known and emerging. In that time we have financed a number of contests, published the work of poets and writers that otherwise might not have seen the light of day, and built a strong readership for their work. The site now records massive visitor numbers, with over 35,000 unique visits in January 2020, compared to 18,000 for January 2019. Our site ranking over the same period has risen dramatically, all of which brings additional readers. We believe that the future for poetry and literary fiction is bright. 

However, our paid subscriptions have remained stubbornly low and we can no longer sustain the administration cost that continues to outstrip subscription income. To address this shortfall we intend to streamline The Blue Nib and aligning it with our users and readers needs and expectations. To this end the subscription paywall has been removed All current subscriptions have been cancelled and all overruns on payments have been refunded through our payment partners.

From today, February 5th, all content on the site, including issues, posts and articles will be publicly available to all site visitors. There will be a short transition period as we move the site away from a subscription based model to a fully online platform.

The website has finance in place for the short-term and it is our hope that we can continue with The Print Magazine. Our current Managing Editor has provided funding to ensure the next issue will go to press, however, it will not be available by subscription, but rather through our partners at Amazon.

We will of course place links on the site so you can obtain it.

Sadly, the publishing arm of The Blue Nib, which to now has been heavily subsidised by our founder, will cease with immediate effect. The work of those published will continue to be available but we will not be accepting any new work to the press. 

The old expression, ‘you have to cut your cloth to suit your measure’ is true. The cuts and changes we are making now will ensure the longterm survival of The Blue Nib. We look forward to many more years of promoting the work of emerging authors and poets.


Dave Kavanagh

For The Blue Nib.

If you would like to support The Blue Nib through donation, you can do so here

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