A Concrete Poem by Carolyn Cordon


Anxiety is not a casual thing,

it wears an overcoat, 

over its T-Shirt,

ready for all – 

to keep off

rain, wind, 

angry words

the overwhelming

& smothering care,

or lack of care of others.

Anxiety is scared, jealous, angry. 

Anxiety has forgotten, or never knew – 

a casual, child’s acceptance of love, birthdays, 

& happy times, when gifts were accepted 

with little need for anything more 

than a simple ‘Thank you’.

A time when there was 

no untold story tied to a gift, 

that anxiety knows, or at least 

thinks, is always there, hidden away, but 

known of, & feared, to always be anxious about.

Anxiety is formal, laced up, covered up, anxiety wears

that overcoat to keep off the rain and wind, yes, but to also

keep off, ward off, hold at bay, any & all who might try to get close,

to come inside the circle of anxiety that surrounds the anxious one,

to help them take off the overcoat that not protects from, but 

hides away, anything & everything there is in life, bad,

yes, but also good, so anxious people miss out,

seeing unintended harm & hurts, when none 

were given. It’s time, surely, to open up,

take off the overcoat, see the sun,

find some fun, give & accept 

presents, and best wishes,

say thank you, say

I love you, enjoy 

life, strip off

& destroy


& that 


About the contributor

Carolyn Cordon is a writer, poet, and editor. She is also a strong community member, editing the monthly newsletter Mallala Crossroad Chronicle and her own self-published books. She has published eight books in a mix of genres, including two poetry collections (Ginninderra Press). Carolyn’s strongest interest are community and nature.

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