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Incunabulum’ by Carol McKay

Emma Lee reviews ‘Incunabulum’ by Carol McKay

‘Incunabulum’ Carol McKay Pot Hole Press ISBN (Print) 987-1-910033-08-1
Highway 20’ by Michael J Moore

Emma Lee Reviews ‘Highway 20’ by Michael J Moore

‘Highway 20’ Michael J Moore Hellbound Books Publishing $14.99...

Emma Lee reviews ‘The Barging Buddhi’ by Sunita Thind

‘The Barging Buddhi’ Sunita Thind Black Pear Press ISBN...

Charline Poirier reviews Laura Besley’s ‘The Almost Mothers’

‘The Almost Mothers’ Laura Besley  Dahlia Books ISBN: 9781913624002,...
‘Both Sides of the Story’ Robert Fairhead

Emma Lee reviews ‘Both Sides of the Story’ Robert Fairhead

‘Both Sides of the Story’  Robert Fairhead Tall And...
Carla Scarano reviews ‘Grieving with the Animals’ Polly Roberts

Carla Scarano reviews ‘Grieving with the Animals’ Polly Roberts

‘Grieving with the Animals’  By Polly Roberts Dempsey and...
Poets and writers in issue 38

Dick Edelstien reviews- Empire by Mary O’Donnell

Empire is the third collection of short stories published by Mary O’Donnell. These are accompanied by seven poetry collections and four novels

Emma Lee reviews Lady Jesus and Other Poems.

Lady Jesus and Other Poems Arathy Asok (Authorspress, ISBN 978-93-88332-19-4, 70pp, 175 Rupees/$14) "Lady Jesus and other poems" is a collection of contemporary, unflinching poems that...
dream of stones

Emma Lee reviews Christine Valters Paintner’s – Dreaming of Stones

Christine Valters Paintner's "Dreaming of Stones” Paraclete Press ISBN: 9781640601086 96pp $18 “Dreaming of Stones” is split into six sections, Hours, The Time of Our Lives,...

David Butler Reviews Maurice Devitt’s, Growing Up in Colour

Growing Up in Colour is dedicated to the memories of the poet’s parents, Brian Devitt (1920-1971) and Pauline Devitt (née Kennan) (1927-2014).
Hammer Horizontal Court Justice  - succo / Pixabay

Lindy And Keli

Poet, novelist and essayist, Antonia Hildebrand explores two of the most remarkable court cases in Australian legal history.
Beth McDonough Poet

5 poems by Beth McDonough

Beth McDonough's work is strongly connected to place, particularly to the Tay, where she swims, and forages nearby.
essay by Melissa Todd

Cycles of Creativity by Melissa Todd

Writer and director, Melissa Todd explains how you need to listen to your body if you want to be creative.
Book Reviews

Behind the Scenes

The Blue Nib's Reviews Editor, Emma Lee explains the processes involved in selecting, writing and producing reviews.
Esther Discherhereit Sometimes a Single Leaf - reviewed by emma lee

‘Sometimes a Single Leaf’ Esther Dischereit -Reviewed by Emma Lee

‘Sometimes a Single Leaf’ Esther Dischereit Arc Publications 
Joanne Kyger

When I Step Through the Door Reading Joanne Kyger: Essay by Eamonn Wall

Eamonn Wall's deep dive into the life and work of Joanne Kyger , a poet associated with the San Francisco Renaissance, the Beat Generation, Black Mountain, and the New York School.
‘A Roman Death’ by Joan O’Hagan, reviewed by Emma Lee

‘A Roman Death’ by Joan O’Hagan, reviewed by Emma Lee

‘A Roman Death’ Joan O’Hagan Black Quill Press  ISBN:...
Homie by Danez Smith Reviewed

‘Homie’ by Danez Smith, reviewed by Emma Lee

‘Homie’ Danez Smith Chatto  ISBN 9781784743055 
Poetry by Sandra Yannone

Poetry by Sandra Yannone

EVIDENCE OF THE PREPOSTEROUS IMPOSSIBLE  Nothing moves in the breeze so exquisitely...
'Postscript' short fiction by Dorothy Simmons

‘Postscript’ short fiction by Dorothy Simmons

Dorothy Simmons' fictional account of the death of Alain Fournier is not only a wonderful read, but a master class in constructing a short story.
Abhaile editor, Tracy Gaughan

Abhaile editor, Tracy Gaughan

Abhaile poetry editor, Tracy Gaughan, previews the poets she has chosen for this issue.

My Writing Life

Rosemary McLeish explores her dissatisfaction with a writer's life.
Poet Angela Costi

Poet Angela Costi in conversation with Denise O’Hagan

Angela Costi is the author of four collections of poetry: Dinted Halos (Hit & Miss Publications, 2003), Prayers for the Wicked (Floodtide Audio and Sunshine Text, 2005), Honey and Salt (Five Islands Press, 2007) and Lost in Mid-Verse (Owl Publishing, 2014)

My Pandemic Reading: ‘Where The Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens

Felicia McCarthy explains why 'Where the Crawdads Sing' is an unexpected treasure.
Poetry From Australia

How To Submit Your Work To Literary Magazines

Denise O'Hagan explores the process of submitting work to literary journals.

Submit To The Blue Nib

Submissions are now closed.Important: The Blue Nib General Guidelines:All submissions are considered for both print and digital platforms.Submissions need to be of unpublished work.We do...

‘The Flavor of The Other’ by Clara Burghelea -Reviewed by Emma Lee

Emma Lee reviews International Poetry Editor, Clara Burghelea's collection, 'The Flavor of Other'.
John McCullogh’

Prize winning poet, John McCullough, speaks with Angela Dye

John McCullough’s first collection of poems, The Frost Fairs, won the Polari First Book Prize in 2012.

At an Hours Sleep from Here Franca Mancinelli translated John Taylor – Reviewed

'An Hour's Sleep from Here' Franca Mancinelli translated by John Taylor

Behind the Scenes: How the Blue Nib team Write a Review

Emma Lee on the complicated process of reviewing for The Blue Nib.

Mexico in my mind

A sprawling campsite consisting of beach huts, cabaňas, as far as the eye could see; palm trees; a bright turquoise ocean lapping;...
The Threshold of Broken Waters by Emily Bilman

‘The Threshold of Broken Waters’ by Emily Bilman. Review by Emma Lee

Emma Lee reviews Emily Bilman's, The Threshold of Broken Waters.
Issue 41 of The Blue Nib

Order Issue 41 of The Blue Nib, out April 15th 2020

Issue 41 of The Blue Nib is out on 15th of April and is now available to preorder on site. Your support through sales of the issue keep the Nib alive.

Gadgets & Gizmos

Dave Kavanagh reviews three useful apps for any writer
Write For The Blue Nib

How to write an article for a magazine.

I’ve written for several magazines and websites, some of which paid and some that didn’t. But each article was an added credit...


Reviews of the latest releases in poetry and literary fiction The Blue Nib branded podcast of poetry and literary fiction
Literary Magazine

Why Are Literary Magazines and Journals Important?

 "The single biggest reason I got my stories taken in various literary magazines - and I want to stress this - is...
This Love Like A Rage Without Anger

This Love like a Rage without Anger – Bill Lewis.

Melissa Tod reviews Bill Lewis's This Love like a Rage without Anger
How do i get my book reviewed?

How Do I Get My Book Reviewed?

In a market place saturated with new books, reviews matter! 

American Journals That Accept Poetry, Prose & Short Fiction.

Wanted! Poetry that demonstrates originality, intelligence, courage.

The Testaments v Woman, Girl, Other

Some critics have suggested that the decision to award the Booker Prize to two authors detracts from the historic nature of Bernardine Evaristo’s win.

A Poor Imitation: “American Dirt” and Misrepresentations of Mexico

The novel has already received rave reviews from literary voices in the English-speaking world, from Rumaan Alam to Don Winslow. John Grisham described it as “rich in authenticity,” while Stephen King called it “an important voice in the discussion about immigration.” Following an aggressive bidding process, according to Publishers Weekly, Cummins received a seven-figure advance for it.
River Wedding

River Wedding’ by Amlanjyoti Goswami -Reviewed

James Fountain reviews River Wedding by Amlanjyoti Goswami
The Short story of you and I

The short story of you and I by Richard James Allen -Reviewed

James Fountain reviews The Short Story of You and I by Richard James Allen
Carla Scarano D’Antonio 

Writing in a second language

La pistola  che ho puntato alla tempia  si chiama poesia. Non sono una...
Planner versus Pantser

Face off. Planning versus Pantsing

The Pantser The freedom to create without the confines...
Trans Europe Expression Slam

Trans Europe Expression Slam

In advance of the Trans Europe Expression Slam Final in Manchester on 14 November, Olivia Logan reviews the...
Paula Green Wild Honey

Paula Green ‘Wild Honey’ reviewed.

The notion of a hive in relation to women writing poetry resonates on so many levels

The Ultimate writers guide to manuscript editing, preparation and submission.

  The writers guide to manuscript editing, preparation and submission.  
Angela Costi

Poetry by Angela Costi

INCIDENT IN AISLE 5 I was almost as tall as the shopping trolley,  I could...