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‘Choosing The Ending’ by Melissa Todd

With only one life to my name, it seems a shame to limit my experiences and outlook. If you take charge of your own story, you get to choose the ending.
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‘Is That A Fact?’ by Melissa Todd

You can argue that there's nothing more valuable than human life, if you like. But recognise you are making a judgement, not stating a fact.
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‘My Love Affair With OnlyFans’ by Melissa Todd

Melissa Todd explains why OnlyFans workers are living the Marxist dream.
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The Joy of Denial by Melissa Todd

Writer, performer and director, Melissa Todd explains why denial offers a sure route to inspiration.
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Missing the Daily Pre-Covid Commute by Melissa Todd

As restrictions tighten and we are advised to work from home, Melissa Todd remembers the creative potential of the morning commute.
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Coping With Criticism by Melissa Todd

Writer, performer, director and editor, Melissa Todd offers practical advice about how to deal with criticism productively in this engaging article.
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Cycles of Creativity by Melissa Todd

Writer and director, Melissa Todd explains how you need to listen to your body if you want to be creative.
Barry Fentiman Hall Sketches by Baz

Barry Fentiman Hall’s ‘Sketches by Baz’ reviewed by Melissa Todd

‘Sketches by Baz’ Barry Fentiman Hall Wordsmithery ISBN 978-1-9160183-1-0 £10 ‘Sketches by Baz’ is Medway’s own Gotterdammerung. It tells of a dusk of the old Gods by...

Review of Rosemary McLeish’s ‘Defragmentation’ by Melissa Todd

Publisher. Wordsmithery ISBN: 978-1-9160183-2-7,  Paperback, 64pp, April 2020,  To read Rosemary McLeish’s new book, Defragmentation, is to find yourself trappedin someone else’s nightmare. You feel as if you’ve...

The Significance of a Dress by Emma Lee, reviewed by Melissa Todd.

Emma Lee creates poetry with the voice of an avenging angel, seeking out inequalities from all across the globe and down the centuries to fuel her work.
Life behind Bard

Melissa Todd on Life Behind Bards

Life Behind Bards is a spoken word anthology conceived and driven by working class people.

Melissa Todd On the Awful, Ugly Aftermath of Suicide

My husband killed himself on New Year’s Eve 2015.
Melissa Todd

Janus – Melissa Todd

Mellissa Todd reading her own, Janus.

Sexual Predator. Fiction from Melissa Todd

Melissa Todd is a writer, performer and the director of Hags Ahoy theatre company.
Mind The Gap Poetry Podcast

Melissa Todd on – Mind The Gap Poetry Podcast.

Mind the Gap is a poetry podcast. Each month an ensemble of spoken word artists send recordings of their poetry to Angela Dye: she...
The trick to writing is

Confessions of a Pathological introvert – Melissa Todd

I am a Pathological introvert. Talking to people scares me. I can do it, but I do not seek it out. I’ve got quite...
Ink Pods Christmas Fiction

Episode 2 Short Fiction 24th December 2019

his short story podcast on the theme of 'Gifts' features short fiction from Dave Kavanagh, Melissa Todd, Maggie Harris, Juan Chemes, Daniel O’Reilly, Alta Ifland, Clare Morris.
The Blue Nib Reviews Editor Emma Lee

Issue 43 Editorial: The Critical Nib with Emma Lee

Emma Lee discusses the three titles reviewed in this issue and updates us to changes in her team
‘Galloping Horses’ Setareh Ebrahimi

‘Galloping Horses’ Setareh Ebrahimi, Reviewed

‘Galloping Horses’ Setareh Ebrahimi Wordsmithery   £12 ‘There is no poetry in a life that was born/without love’ writes Setareh Ebrahimi, in this, her first full length...

Plum’s Postal Practice

Regular contributor, Melissa Todd extolled the virtues of letter writing in a previous article ( ). In the article below, Michael Chacksfield...
Planner versus Pantser

Face off. Planning versus Pantsing

The Pantser The freedom to create without the confines of a plan. Famous pantsers include such authors as Margaret Atwood, Stephen King and Pierce...
The Shape of a Tulip Bird

The Shape of a Tulip Bird, by Christopher Hopkins

The Shape of a Tulip Bird Christopher HopkinISBN; UnavailablePrice  €12.99Available from the publisherClare Song Bird There are many poetry collections that deal exclusively in loss and...

Issue 39 Sept 2019

Editorial:Dave Kavanagh Managing EditorWelcome to Issue 39 of The Blue Nib EssaysDoes Poetry Matter? By Clara Burghelea Poems As Time Machines By John D....
The trick to writing is

The Trick to Writing is

I’m writing this on a train. I’m at the start of a three hour train journey, and I’ve brought nothing to amuse me but...
On Watching A Lemon Sail The Sea

On Watching A Lemon Sail The Sea by Maggie Harris -Reviewed

ON WATCHING A LEMON SAIL THE SEA BY MAGGIE HARRIS (Cane Arrow Press) Available from the Publisher UK £12.00Worldwide £17.00 I had the luck to watch...

Issue 38 June 2019

Edited by Dave Kavanagh New Poetry: Alyssa Cooper. Neil Creighton Abigail S. Cull Terry Doyle Jess Neal Woods Will Reger Marie-Andrea Auclair Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon...