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Kevin Barry interview

Kevin Barry talks to Dave Kavanagh

Booker prize nominee, Kevin Barry takes time out to speak to Dave Kavanagh about his work, his routine and how he approaches his craft.
In conversation, roddy doyle, interview

Booker prize winner, Roddy Doyle talks to Dave Kavanagh

Doyle's most recent books include The Dead Republic (2010);Two Pints (2012); The Guts (2013), which takes us back to Jimmy Rabbitte, now in his forties; Two More Pints (2014); Dead Man Talking (2015); Smile (2017); and Love (2020).
Language of intolerance

‘The New Language of Intolerance’ by Dave Kavanagh

But, here's a confession. I wasn't one bit outraged. In fact I would go as far as to say John Banville is as 'Woke' as the 'Wokest' man or woman among us.
Una Mannion

Una Mannion in conversation with Dave Kavanagh

Ahead of appearing in issue 44. Award-winning poet and writer, Una Mannion talks candidly with Dave Kavanagh about her early life, her writing day and why she finds particular comfort in prose.

Dave Kavanagh Reviews ‘Tyll’ by Daniel Kehlmann

Dave Kavanagh reviews 'Tyll' by Daniel Kehlmann, translated by Ross Benjamin, shortlisted for the International Booker Prize, 2020.
Book Man Reading Reader Hobby  - burovaofficialphoto / Pixabay

Four Novels Read In Translation by Dave Kavanagh

Dave Kavanagh, Managing Editor of The Blue Nib, on what he learned from reading four recent works in translation.

Dave Kavanagh’s review of A portable paradise by Roger Robinson

A portable paradise by Roger Robinson Paperback: 82 pages Publisher: Peepal Tree Press (8 July 2019) ISBN-10: 1845234332 ISBN-13: 978-1845234331 Roger Robinson only appeared on my radar after he became the surprise winner...
Marble, fiction by Dave Kavanagh

Marble -Short Fiction by Dave Kavanagh

Dave Kavanagh's Marble, the story of a how desire can change the nature of a man.

‘A Thousand Moons’, by Sebastian Barry – Reviewed by Dave Kavanagh

A Thousand Moons, by Sebastian Barry Hardcover: 272 pages Publisher: Faber & Faber; Main edition (19 Mar. 2020) ISBN-10: 0571333370 ‘I am Winona‘In early times I was Ojinjintka, which means rose....
Gerry McCullough Interview

Dave Kavanagh speaks to local author, Gerry McCullough

Author Gerry McCullough in conversation with Dave Kavanagh.
Short Fiction by Kate Mahony

Emerging Author Kate Mahony speaks to Dave Kavanagh

Journalist and now emerging author, Kate Mahony speaks to Dave Kavanagh about why she is drawn to writing fiction.
Poet Rose Mary Boehm

Dave Kavanagh chats to featured poet Rose Mary Boehm

With her latest full-length collection, ‘The Rain Girl’, due from Chaffinch Press in 2020, Rose Mary Boehm speaks to Dave Kavanagh
Kieran Devaney

Dave Kavanagh chats to Kieran Devaney

Kieran Devaney has reported on and produced programmes around the world for TV am, Channel 4, ITN and Sky News in the United Kingdom, CNN in the United States

The end is nigh and parting is indeed such sweet sorrow

As an awful years ends, we bid you farewell. Dave Kavanagh, Managing Editor of The Blue Nib celebrates the readers, writers, contributors and editors who have made the last five years so very special.

‘The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree’ by Shokoofeh Azar

Dave Kavanagh reviews ‘The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree’ by Shokoofeh Azar, shortlisted for the International Booker Prize, 2020.

‘The Adventures of China Iron’ by Gabriela Cabezón Cámara

Dave Kavanagh reviews ‘The Adventures of China Iron’ by Gabriela Cabezón Cámara, shortlisted for the International Booker Prize, 2020.
The Blue Nib Issue 40

Questions and Answers about subscribing to The Blue Nib.

Managing editor, Dave Kavanagh answers some of your most often asked questions about subscribing to The Blue Nib.

Why You Should Be Writing Opinion Pieces

Dave Kavanagh explains the key rules to consider when writing an opinion article.

‘The Cure For Death by Lightning’ reread during the pandemic

Dave Kavanagh on rereading The Cure For Death By Lightning during the pandemic.

How to choose the right Narrator

Dave Kavanagh looks at the role of the Narrator in fiction.
Video Poetry

Video Poetry – Poets on Film

Dave Kavanagh looks at three very different poets who use video as a medium

Gadgets & Gizmos

Dave Kavanagh reviews three useful apps for any writer
Writing with a disability

How to cope with Sex Daily.

Dave Kavanagh, on how disability should not be a disability for writers.
20 books from 1920

20 books from the 1920’s that you should read

Dave Kavanagh selects 20 favourite books from the 1920s.
Ink Pods Christmas Fiction

Episode 2 Short Fiction 24th December 2019

his short story podcast on the theme of 'Gifts' features short fiction from Dave Kavanagh, Melissa Todd, Maggie Harris, Juan Chemes, Daniel O’Reilly, Alta Ifland, Clare Morris.
I am not a poet

I am not a poet! Are you?

Dave Kavanagh on a journey towards not being a poet, and on why reading makes us better writers.
Una Mannion

‘Grendel’s Mother’ by Featured Writer, Una Mannion

'The baby’s soft fist brushed her cheek and the light touch felt like reproach. Pause. Be kinder.'
Issue 43 Official Cover

Issue 43 September 2020

Edited by Dave Kavanagh Abhaile: Poetry from Ireland and the UKwith Tracy Gaughan Editorial 1Poetry by George Szirtes 3Poetry by Mark Roper 7Poetry by Eleanor Hooker...

Issue 42 July 2020

Edited by Dave Kavanagh Abhaile with Tracy GaughanEditorial Poetry by Mantz York Poetry by Byron Beynon Poetry By Chaucer Cameron Poetry by Pippa Little Poetry by Fred Johnston Poetry...
unlawful killing of George Floyd

We Have Each Other

Felicia McCarthy reflects on the awful events surrounding George Floyd's death in Minnesota and the consequences for us all.


Dave Kavanagh selects fiction from new and established authors  worthy of the title Seanchaí

Notes on ‘The Testaments’ by Margaret Atwood

Think of me as a guide. Think of yourself as a wanderer in a dark wood. It’s about to get darker. Margaret Atwood, The Testaments Reading The...
Issue 41 of The Blue Nib

Issue 41 March 2020

Poetry Selected by Clara Burghelea and Tracy GaughanEditorial Featured Poet Amy Barry Clara Burgelea in conversation with Amy Barry Simona Nastac Rachel Burns Becky...

About the blue nib

A Letter From The Blue Nib

Dear Blue Nib Contributors and Readers.

Issue 40 December 2019

Edited By Dave Kavanagh Short FictionParis Vagrant By Michael Paul Hogan The Duck, a story in five parts by Reyna Marder Gentin Blood by Brian...
Planner versus Pantser

Face off. Planning versus Pantsing

The Pantser The freedom to create without the confines of a plan. Famous pantsers include such authors as Margaret Atwood, Stephen King and Pierce...
Ted Hughes

The life and work of Ted Hughes

Born in Mytholmroyd, Yorkshire in 1930, the landscape of Ted Hughes’s youth would have a massive influence on his later work as a poet. He...
Clare Morris, The Blue Nib


I have an appalling sense of direction. I won’t say that I have no sense of direction because I’ve got a reasonable idea of where I’ve been once I’ve got there, if you catch my drift

Issue 39 Sept 2019

Editorial:Dave Kavanagh Managing EditorWelcome to Issue 39 of The Blue Nib EssaysDoes Poetry Matter? By Clara Burghelea Poems As Time Machines By John D....
Author Website

13 easy ways to make an Author Website work for you.

  How many times have I heard someone say “Author Websites don’t work”?    But the fact is, they do. Successful websites and blogs earn millions in...

Issue 38 June 2019

Edited by Dave Kavanagh New Poetry: Alyssa Cooper. Neil Creighton Abigail S. Cull Terry Doyle Jess Neal Woods Will Reger Marie-Andrea Auclair Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon...
Guinness Beer The Drink Dark  - Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Dying For A Drink In Ireland by Kieran Devaney

Writer, journalist and broadcaster, Kieran Devaney explores the inventive steps people will take to make sure they are never short of a drink in Ireland.
Short Fiction by Kate Mahony

‘I Know This Is Too Strange’ fiction by Kate Mahony

Kate Mahony’s fiction has been shortlisted in a number of international competitions. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Victoria University, Wellington.

Consciousness and Control – Room Little Darker by June Caldwell-reviewed

Brian Kirk is an award-winning poet and short story writer from Dublin. His children’s novel The Rising Son was published in December 2015. He was selected for the Poetry Ireland Introductions Series in 2013 and highly commended in the Patrick Kavanagh Award in 2014 and 2015. His first poetry collection After The Fall was published by Salmon Poetry in 2017. He blogs at www.briankirkwriter.com.