5 Poems by Eva Eliav

Eva Eliav’s poetry collection, Eve, was published in 2019 by Red Bird Chapbooks. She has poetry and short fiction published in numerous literary journals both online and in print, including Room, The St. Ann’s Review, and others

From a new collection:

“One Summer Day”


sunlight wraps me

in its tourniquet

a woman waters plants

caresses flowers

an old man passes

with a garbage bin

the sidewalk cracks open

beneath his feet

he passes

unaware of devastation

I’m sitting at

a scarred wooden table


cool sweet morning

scribbling words

like starving beasts

devouring their own muscle

poems survive


strangers share my web

of rituals

we speak in covert glances


the same ants sting our feet

we bathe together

in the same hot wind

traffic rumbles by

the radio squawks

two boys are arguing

in Italian

a man and woman

fiddle with their phones

within this snarl

of languages and silence

we pulsing knots

of life


an old man’s cradling

his violin

coaxing uncanny melodies

private yet shrill

as voices in the night

heat swaddles my limbs

I move slowly

years peel away

like flyers from a wall


street music

the whine of saws

the clamor

of birds disrupted

trees are being dismembered

with love

the laborers tell me

their biceps are thick

with muscle

slick with sweat

they wipe the grains

of wood dust

from their saws


a closed circuit

of moments

a fat white dog

is bouncing on its toes

the lights turn red

and green

and red again

children squabble

and a woman smokes

a jumble sale of details


a poet needs the senses

of a bear

my eyes see shadows

and my ears confound me

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  1. Eva, you have woven some beautiful thoughts into this piece. And beautiful words as well. Chapeaux. And Im not even going to try and hide my envy.
    Congratulations on publication.


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