3 Poems from David Ishaya Osu


If these prayers, if slightly blue 

If deep, if more, if flowers 

If eyes closed, if saying nothing but nothing 

If given, if flesh, if running 

If swirls, if timely curves

If around, if inside, if touching 

If someone, if going, if outside

If the city, if a river unseen 

If only this body of yours, if only

If today, if slouches, if slow 

If august, if wet words, if stairs

If hard, if both sides bask 

If we forget, if it is unknown, if dreams

If eventually, if eventually 

About the contributor

David Ishaya Osu is a poet, memoirist, editor, and street photographer. His work appears in numerous magazines and anthologies across Nigeria, Uganda, the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, India and elsewhere. He is the poetry editor of Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel. He has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Kent.

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