3 poems by Tony deLorger


Australian Morn


Crisp trills from blackbird song
echo through the eucalyptus gums,
while morning shards
shower the floor with dots,
as koala eyes peer down
from fur-ball highs,
languid sighs and calm resolve,
in comfy forks and nooks, they sit
chewing new green shoots,
dotted greys in the deep gum forest.


Bell-birds chime in distant knell,
like ringing forest bells,
while cicadas drone like chanting monks
a stop and start refrain fills the air,
as heat swells and dry bark crackles
stringy-bark tresses hang,
like gumtree chandeliers aloft
a living breathing silent pulse
felt beneath each bow and leaf
as harmony,
and a creek near dry sings,
its hissing flow prove the struggle
and the enduring within, it’s rest.



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