3 Poems by Özgecan Kesici


You pushed me through a closed door once

in a flurry to get all done

that had to be done.

Then, you pushed a comb through my head

like a key card to a skyscraper.

I take a turtle’s lifetime to move now:

sip whiskey through tight teeth,

compose shopping lists with pinpoint precision.

I fold sheets slowly and stroke each weave, the way

a sitcom mother strokes her daughter’s hair.

You sit between my brows

queen that you are,

usurper of my head,

you fall back laughing

at the frivolity of your own making.

At night

I peel my jeans off the way Apa peeled honey.

Mulberries Ozgecan Kesici.
Henna Ozgecan Kesici

About the contributor

Özgecan Kesici, originally from Munich, holds a PhD in Sociology from University College Dublin. Her poetry has been published in Poetry Ireland Review and Transnational Poetries, among others. She lives in Berlin.

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