Sonnenizio on a Line from Browning

The face of all the world is changed, I think, *

A change in plans

Has changed our course.

A change of heart

Rearranged the route, changing

What we used to think was unchangeable.

We exchanged one path

For a shortchanged version of another.

Now promises are interchanged

With changeable assurances

Of changed arrangements like loose 

Change lost in the folds

Of changes passed from every other

Changeling to another.

* Sonnets from the Portuguese 7: ‘The face of all the world is changed, I think’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Jill Trades the Bean

Not a bean, but a pearl

from an oyster of opportunity,

not buried, but bartered

for a chance to change.

Her fairy godmother makes no promises,

no predictions for a happy ending.

Jack may be industrious

But Jill has a better plan.

I Predict 
(after Lorine Niedecker)

you will change your mind 
with words 
                  you do not know. 
                  If you choose — 

I read the book 
long out of fashion. 
                  You once said 
                  it was easy, wed 
to writing. 

A labyrinth 
lodges no link — 
                  we find 

We praise 
                  the secrets 
                  among syllables. 
We speak —

3 poems by Deborah Purdy

Deborah Purdy lives outside Philadelphia where she writes poetry and creates fiber art. Her work has appeared in Gravel Literary Magazine, Cleaver Magazine, The American Poetry Journal, and other publications.


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