3 New Poems by Dorothy Simmons


Sweat scuffs stop watched tendons,

Smears thoroughbred hides; the horses

Somnambulate stallward, slack

As exhaustion.

The bay mare baulks, shudder-sways.

Dismounted, unhinged, legs buckle and fold,

Eyes roll, then bulge sightless;

Mute nostrils scream.

The tidal crowd spills over the course

… over splayed legs exposing such soft

shrivelled teats… then ebbs.  Time to lay

Their next bet.


At the town library, the visiting poet

will read from his latest work –

his slender volume, post-itted pages –

to a reverend clutch of middle aged women.

He breathes slowly in.

A patter of welcoming palms: he bows,

discreet as any waiter, and –

bespectacled, bony – slow turns to post-it one,

breathes in and starts to read.  Aloud.

Homo Poeticalis.

In his echo chambered brain, a

strung out vocal cord stutters and stuffs

– wincing, adjusting his specs – the crucial last line.

Breathe in: hold.  An oblivious patter of palms.

Time for coffee and cake.

Dorothy Simmons Poetry

About the contributor

Dorothy Simmons is an Irish-Australian teacher/writer living in Albury, NSW. Her published works include YA novels, historical fiction, short stories and most recently microfiction. Poetry has always been important to her – a lyrical lifeline.

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