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Ink Pods Christmas Fiction

Episode 2 Short Fiction 24th December 2019

his short story podcast on the theme of 'Gifts' features short fiction from Dave Kavanagh, Melissa Todd, Maggie Harris, Juan Chemes, Daniel O’Reilly, Alta Ifland, Clare Morris.
Melissa Tod

Holler into the abyss

If a story gets written in the forest and nobody reads it, did I waste my time with that philosophy degree?
Clare Morris

Think, Write, Repeat

I’ve always tried to be a “glass half full” kind of person. When disaster looms, I’ll either wave it off on its...
Susan Lago

Bad Sex or Date Rape: A Quiz

Annie was tired and a little drunk, but felt obligated to spend more time with him.

Who Owns Sherlock Holmes

Creating your own memorable, iconic characters is something to which we should all aspire.
Jess Neal Woods

Emily Dickinson and the Case for Elbow Room

Jess Neal on how to avoid burn-out and stayfocused on your craft.
Bill Cushing's A Former Life

Emma Lee interviews Feature Poet, Bill Cushing

Emma Lee hooked up with feature poet Bill Cushing, teacher and author of the recent collection, A Former Life'
her lost language' by Jenny Mitchell -Reviewed

Her Lost Language’ by Jenny Mitchell -Reviewed

Her Lost Language' by Jenny Mitchell -Reviewed by Nusrat M Haider
Birds with Horse Hearts

Birds with Horse Hearts’ by Eleanor Walsh -Reviewed.

Birds with Horse Hearts' by Eleanor Walsh -Reviewed by Nusrat M Haider
This Tilting Earth’ by Jane Lovell -Reviewed

This Tilting Earth’ by Jane Lovell -Reviewed

This Tilting Earth’ by Jane Lovell -Reviewed by Stephen Claughton
susan howard

The scandalous mathematics of grace

Susan Howard writes about what affects her and what she observes in NZ and on the world stage.
Nadia Rhook

Broome Speak by Nadia Rhook

Nadia Rhook is a white settler historian, educator, and poet.
this hall of several tortures’ Reuben Woolley

this hall of several tortures’ by Reuben Woolley -Reviewed

this hall of several tortures’ by Reuben Woolley -Reviewed by Emma Lee
'small inheritances' belinda zhawi

small inheritances’ by belinda zhawi -Reviewed

small inheritances' by belinda zhawi -Reviewed by Emma Lee
Tea with Cardamon

Tea with Cardamom’ by Warda Yassin -Reviewed

Tea with Cardamom' by Warda Yassin -Reviewed by Emma Lee
In Nearby Bushes. Kei Miller

In Nearby Bushes’ by Kei Miller -Reviewed

In Nearby Bushes' by Kei Miller -Reviewed by Emma Lee

Collision’ by Claire Walker -Reviewed

Collision’ by Claire Walker -Reviewed by Emma Lee

Boys’ by Daniel Edward Moore -Reviewed

Boys' by Daniel Edward Moore -Reviewed by Emma Lee
Skin Memory

Skin Memory’ by John Sibley Williams -Reviewed

Skin Memory’ by John Sibley Williams -Reviewed by Emma Lee

The Gospel of Trickster by Nancy Charley -Reviewed

The Gospel of Trickster by Nancy Charley -Reviewed by Fiona Sinclair
Demolition in the Tropics

Demolition in the Tropics by Rogan Kelly -Reviewed

Demolition in the Tropics by Rogan Kelly -Reviewed by Ada Wofford
Building a kingdom

Building a Kingdom New and Selected Poems 1989-2019′ by James W Wood -Reviewed

Building a Kingdom ' by James W Wood -Reviewed by Emma Lee

Exposure’ by Derek Adams -Reviewed

Exposure' by Derek Adams -Reviewed by Emma Lee

Unmarriageable, by Soniah Kamal -Reviewed

Unmarriageable, by Soniah Kamal -Reviewed by Ashini J. Desai

Passengers’ by Peter W Keeble -Reviewed

Passengers' by Peter W Keeble -Reviewed by Emma Lee
John Dust

John Dust’ by Louise Warren -Reviewed

John Dust' by Louise Warren -Reviewed by Emma Lee
Utopia by Peter Cowlam

Utopia’ by Peter Cowlam -Reviewed

Utopia' by Peter Cowlam, reviewed by Emma Lee
The Mother Country

Helen Moore’s The Mother Country’ -Reviewed

Helen Moore's 'The Mother Country' Reviewed by Emma Lee
Earth Music

Earth Music by Eithne Lannon

Earth Music by Eithne Lannon (Turas Press, 2019) Poetry might be...
River Wedding

River Wedding’ by Amlanjyoti Goswami -Reviewed

James Fountain reviews River Wedding by Amlanjyoti Goswami
The Short story of you and I

The short story of you and I by Richard James Allen -Reviewed

James Fountain reviews The Short Story of You and I by Richard James Allen

Between the Why and How by Ada Wofford

Wild no one poet, evening TV recluse, can’t you hear the noise?
Dorothy Simmons

The Situation. Featured Fiction by Dorothy Simmons

Dorothy Simmons is an Irish-Austrailian English/Drama teacher whose first ‘published’ work was a stage play (Murray River Performing Group).
Ben Verinder

The shorthand test.

Ben Verinder is the biographer of the adventurer and writer Mary Burkett.
Antony Lawrence

The Clockwork Box – Featured Poet Anthony Lawrence

Anthony Lawrence's most recent collection 'Headwaters,' (Pitt Street Poetry, 2016) won the 2017 Prime Ministers Literary Awards (Poetry)
Rekha Valliappan

Dialogue of The Spinning Yarns by Rekha Valliappan

Rekha Valliappan was winner of the Boston Accent Lit Prize for Short Story 2016
Greg Michaelson

Twice Exiled by Greg Michaelson

Greg Michaelson's novel The Wave Singer (Argyll, 2008) was shortlisted for a Scottish Arts Council/Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust First Book Award
Brian Kirk

Blood. Featured Writer Brian Kirk

Brian Kirk's short fiction chapbook It’s Not Me, It’s You won the inaugural Southword Fiction Chapbook Competition
Glenn Hubbard

2 Poems by Glen Hubbard

Glenn Hubbard had a poem entered for the Forward Prize 2018
Reyna Marder Gentin

The Duck (a story in five parts)

Reyna Marder Gentin's novel, Unreasonable Doubts came, out in November, 2018,
Andrew Stiggers

Searching for Luna by Andrew Stiggers

Andrew Stiggers is a short fiction writer from Auckland, New Zealand.
Yi-Wen Huang

Love Numbers

Yi-Wen Huang is from Taiwan and an Associate Professor of English and Linguistics at UNM-Gallup.
poems by Lincoln Jaques

A cremation

Lincoln Jaques was a finalist and in the 2018 Emerging Poets.
Hibah Shabkhez

One Man’s Cliché

Hibah Shabkhez is a writer of the half-yo literary tradition
Terese Coe

Sociopath by Terese Coe

Terese Coe's collection Shot Silk was short-listed for the 2017 Poets Prize
Daragh Byrne

Poetry by Daragh Byrne

Daragh Byrne writes informed by his background in physics, a dedicated mindfulness practice and a career building technology.
Jenny Blackford

5 Poems by Jenny Blackford

Jenny Blackford scooped the prestigious ACU Prize for Literature 2014
Helen Moore

Denise O’Hagan interviews British Eco-Poet Helen Moore

Interview with Helen Moore.
Helen Moore

Helen Moore, Featured Poet

Helen Moore is an award-winning British, Sidney based, ecopoet.