Day: October 25, 2018

The Settlement-Chris Boyland

The Settlement I’d borrowed some of your words – ‘wrong’, ‘useless’, ‘stupid’, ‘useless’ (seem to have two of those – dunno – maybe one’s a hand-me-down from your Mum.) You can have them back now – I’ve finished with them – frankly, I only took them to try and understand why you liked them so …

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Family Man

Family Man They had been in the band for over twenty years now. Their best years, creatively and financially when a new record would sell over a million copies, were behind them. But they were still going strong and enjoyed the privileges of those who had ‘made it’; being described by journalists as ‘pioneers’ and …

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Man Creates Itself – Fiction by John Higgins

It had been a quick death, they assured me. I’m not sure if that was meant as a gesture of consolation, or just a way of filling that morbid gap that always occurs when you engage in the unpleasant experience of conversation with a mourner: −At least she didn’t suffer. Ironic, really, Mum tripping on …

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Bella by the Rosebush – Fiction

It smelled like coffee again. Each morning—every morning, it seemed, that same crimson odor seeped into the walls and the sheets. Each morning—every morning, it woke Maurice up. He sat up in bed, hair matted to his skull, eyes crusted over. Every morning started the same: the flame-soaked coffee, the dizzy eyes, the lethargy; waking …

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