Sam Smith

Sam Smith is editor of The Journal (once ‘of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry’), and publisher of Original Plus books. He has been a psychiatric nurse, residential social worker, milkman, plumber, laboratory analyst, groundsman, sailor, computer operator, scaffolder, gardener, painter & decorator…….. working at anything, in fact, which paid the rent, enabled him to raise his three daughters and which didn’t get too much in the way of his writing. Now in his 70s he has ended up living in South Wales. He has several poetry collections and novels to his name, his latest two collections being Speculations & Changes (KFS Publishing) and Local Colour (Indigo Dreams); and his latest two novels Marraton (Indigo Dreams) and The Friendship of Dagda & Tinker Howth (united p.c. publisher).

38  Pwllcarn Terrace
South Wales  CF32 8AS

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