Jon Nakapalau

I have lived in California (SF Bay Area) all my life except for the two years I was stationed in Germany when I was in the US Army.

I spent 30 years in the private sector working in different managerial positions – learned that the best policy is just to treat people the way you want to be treated – a simple lesson that simply is often ignored.

My background is in social science and philosophy; but I am finding that the more you think you know the less you really do. I love reading, taking walks and trying new foods.

I am taking the time to  look at things from differing perspectives so as to stop from spinning off into the void. There was a time in my recent past when I started to look at my life – asking myself what was really important to me and how could try to live the best life I could.

A series of painful events brought me back to poetry – and I finally decided to try to explore some of the feelings I was having through writing. I am glad that I was finally able to be ‘true to myself’ as I embark on this adventure.

As of late I have been trying to slow down my time; trying to spend the time I have in a way that will allow me to connect with the people I care about. It is amazing to me how having a cup of coffee with an old friend can help you find your grounding as you spin into the next week.

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