Day: August 7, 2018

Family and Dolls

THE DOLL At Marshall Fields that year When I was eight, They took a photograph to make A doll with my face, My wavy auburn hair. I unwrapped that doll On Christmas day. She had A wardrobe of clothes Just like mine. A green wool coat Trimmed with muskrat fur, A taffeta skirt and lace …

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What I Didn’t Tell My Father

What I Didn’t Tell My Father mosquitoes swirl like ash in headlights& priests call bingo from pulpitsup & down the shorearound our table relatives gather:drunks & ex-drunks liarswho say with sarcasm i’m a pathological liarthey know they know we knowour history’s trumpet vine & poison oakmoon shift & tide swingcousins & lovers inbredswe look each …

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In describing this collaboration Jayant Kashyap says, We are a little over 13,000 kilometres apart, and we’re actually very thankful to the internet for helping us keep up with each other’s drafts of the same poem. While it can be said that our manner of editing is sort of loose, we try to make sure that our personal …

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The Last Time We Saw Strangers – Reviewed

The Last Time We Saw Strangers, by Christopher Hopkins Clare Songbirds Publishing House Chapbook Series Clare Songbirds Publishing House  Chapbook Series 140 Cottage Street, Auburn, New York, 13021 www.ClareSongbirdspub.com ISBN 978-1-947653-24-5     In the new year in Issue 20, I was pleased to review a chapbook from Christopher Hopkins, ‘Take Your Journeys Home’. He is a …

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Poetry -From issue 34

Byron Beynon’s poems and essays have appeared in several publications including London Magazine, Chiron Review, Crannog, Southlight, Cyphers and Poetry Wales. He co-ordinated the Wales section of the anthology Fifty Strong (Heinemann). Collections include Cuffs (Rack Press) and The Echoing Coastline (Agenda Editions).   HÔTEL DIEU, ARLES At noon I entered the old hospital, a …

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What Vachel Lindsay Said

  What Vachel Lindsay Said What Vachel Lindsay said in faithful song he shouted full-cocked, full-blown full-throated, until his evening fell and music went out of the bone in the blast of his furnace moon. Its widening flame emboldened his delight in death and all night the forest watched the silver skull move toward his …

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Clifton Redmond

The Fates and Other Poems

The Fates You sit and cry at her polished porcelain feet with moss and gravel for a bed and grieve the un-lived life. Her frozen stare outstaring yours, knowing somehow the pain of secret-silence – crucifixion. You wonder why Clotho bothers to spin the loom, Lachesis with no span to measure stands as idle as …

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Dear Sisters and Other Poems

dear sisters our tree’s stretch of skyward is slowing as is their leaf fall, wrap of blankets, and hopeful reach again for spring breathless trips on summer stumbles of things forgotten upon faces fanned by noon to the indoor’s draw of cooled plush pillows and sweeter tea i tell you that, that your hair seems darker grey but still …

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