Coriolanus On The Porch


How the rife details
of life disturb
our nobler intentions.

A Monarch butterfly
lights upon an open
page of Shakespeare.

Which representation
is more really real:
nature or mimesis?

Only a fine world
can offer up such
marvelous choice.

Mismatched objects,
one upon the other,

the intense mystery
of how to be both
doubter and believer

in the same instant.

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Mike Essig

Old guy, living with a neurotic cat, stringing words together, waitng around to die.

10 Responses

  1. Dave Kavanagh says:

    What a wonderful picture you paint, Mike. How the most ordinary facet of nature can surpass the talent os men and how thought can be turned to wonder buy something so simple as a butterfly. Thank you for posting, I look forward to reading more of your work on the site. I am putting this on the editors daily pick list.

  2. Luiz Canha Machado says:

    Great poem, Mike! Miss reading your stuff.

  3. Naomi Tate Maghen says:

    I really love this piece, it’s so thought provoking

  4. Lori Hamilton says:

    so lovely. the imagery is striking in its simplicity and contrast. your ending is quite thought provoking and stirred me in my seat a bit. well penned query and a beautiful capture of meaning and message.

  5. Sofia Kioroglou says:

    Lovely write, Mike! I had to return again and again to drink in the words! Thank you for sharing

  6. Victoria Donnelly says:


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