A dose of anti-depressants for every prophet

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  1. Dave Kavanagh says:

    Your best piece ever, Red. Direct and to the point. We invest far to much in objects and in people that can replace us and that we too can replace. Just extraordinary work and I say that sincerely. “Editors pick for sure”

  2. gcecil says:

    A brilliant piece of contemporary prose-poetry but needs a lot of editing and polishing.

  3. Luiz Canha Machado says:

    Amazing write, truly poetic! Looking forward to read more pieces from you.

  4. Lori Hamilton says:

    water still circles the drain
    and for the moment
    we float

    LOVE this image, LOVE this metaphor. so well-placed in the middle of this piece because it’s representation is so detailed and precise.

    excellent work, naomi. that end line is so strong!

  5. Victoria Donnelly says:

    For me this represents living in the now…fabulous writing

  6. Mike Essig says:

    Great work. “water still circles the drain,” indeed.

  7. Melissa Mulvihill says:

    This poem kind of slides right off my tongue just right. It’s beautifully written.

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