Currency exchange 7

She sat
Quite still
Amongst the used bus tickets
And fading supermarket receipts
A money-off coupon would wrap itself
Around her and whisper
We all expire
Some time
She has grown dull
And he whose warm hands once held
And cherished her
Is tossing a shiny new coin
Now and then he’ll fish her out
And contemplate her value
As a paperweight
Or a trolley token
That treasured moment
Under his blue eyed scrutiny
Is cut short
By the click of the purse
As she plunges back down
Into darkness

  • : I followed life's branches to the ends and found, among many glorious buds, a single desiccated stump that once called itself Love...
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Diana Devlin

About Ddevlin

Hi there! I'm a long-time lover of poetry and have been writing for as long as I can remember. I have published a few pieces in poetry magazines and would love to publish a collection. I am also working on my first novel.

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Alfred Booth
Stunning writing. I’ve said for years it’s hard to write love poems because all has been said and done. Here you have written a highly personal view of the sadness of lingering love, and it is heart wrenching. Your poem transcends the typical love poem that usually leaves me cold.… Read more »
Naomi Tate Maghen

So happy this was in the picks and therefore, easy to find. This is wonderful writing, I can’t choose a favourite part, it’s all excellent..so moving, so sad, in such a gentle way

Mario Vitale

great depth in this timeless piece

Mario Vitale

very good in humble respect