Hour of there are no words 10

even the middle
of nowhere holds
its breath,
it is June
so light lasts
the way a child
asks for five more
which is not much
less than time
it takes for innocents
to be lost.

The moon slips into
a long black coat,
tightens its grip
on a planet
mourns ,
an owl
or something
like a loon
sounds like a siren
or the way
an emergency broadcast
warns this is not a test.

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    10 Comments on "Hour of there are no words"

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    A fantastic poem with a very strong ‘imagistic’ message well done.

    Richard A. Trobridge

    This made me smile, good.

    Dave Kavanagh

    The ending is powerful, Charles. And the poem itself is wonderful as always. I like the way June holds it’s breath but you have made to now a little sinister for me. A touching poem that is worthy of a second and third read.

    Christine A Perry

    An amazing write, it left a smile on my face. Thank you.

    Naomi Tate Maghen

    Love the image of the moon slipping into a long black coat, and the dark twist at the ending is inspired

    Alfred Booth

    Of course your lyricism draws the reader in with ease. The surprise at the end makes him re-read for another, less peaceful layer. I like the way these mixed emotions tie beautifully with a title that made me click on THIS poem.

    Lori Hamilton

    i really enjoy the wordplay and allusion in this piece, charles. you create images that imbed in my mind and i tend to carry them with me throughout the day. the owl will follow me today! lovely penning.