DK Brevity Contest 1500 Points (Closed)


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DK Brevity Contest
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Gosh but this was a hard contest to judge with some of my favourite poets in contention for top places. In honesty, I would have to award each and every one of you. It is gratifying to see such quality of work on the site and in this contest.

Place Points Awarded Writer/Poem
1st 750 Alfred Booth / The thirst of a perfect July
2nd 500 Lori Hamilton / nine days into august
3rd 250 Naomi Tate Maghen / A hotpot of isreal in june.
HM 100 Rpoett / To Crystal Creek
HM 100 Sofia K / Sea Urchins
HM 100 Donald McKeon / Summer Relief
Contest Title
Contest Prompt

The prompt word is SUMMER. that could be a name, a season, a feeling, a meal, a drink. Anything you like so long as it is somehow linked to the prompt word.

Any form. Under 65 words. Poems that exceed the word count will not be considered for placings.

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  • Open To All
Closing Date
No Of Entries Accepted.
Award For 1st Place Award For 2nd Place Award For 3rd Place
750 500 250
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