for the one whose final words left litter in my veins


i will die a metaphor.

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  1. Alfred Booth says:

    Your exquisite title pulled me here. A lot of interesting things going on in this poem.

  2. Dave Kavanagh says:

    This new style suits you, Mandee. I enjoyed this trip my friend.

  3. Dave Kavanagh says:

    I would really like you to submit this, along with any other work you think suitable for the magazine which launches on the 12th of June. The submission form is here I am sure our editor will simply love this, I know I do 🙂

  4. selfrisinmojo says:

    Excellent work my friend

  5. Naomi says:

    Your Banjoesque title drew me straight in without seeing that this was you – should have known! Love this write, a little more rooted with detailed descriptions, equally creative and compelling

  6. Sofia Kioroglou says:

    Nicely written poem! Thank you for sharing!

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