2 Poems from Ceinwen E Caraid Haydon


less loss bless
reminiscent fluorescent luminescent
loss less bless
whimper whisper quiver
bless less loss
deny rely defy quantify
less loss bless
hallucinate recriminate desecrate
loss less bless
bargain uncertain floodplain
bless less loss
alone gravestone prone
less loss bless
dreams schemes streams
loss less bless
hope misanthrope cope
bless less loss
shadows hollow tomorrow
less loss bless
rage cage saxifrage
loss less bless
anger flounder auger
bless less loss
frustrate libate exacerbate
less loss bless
masturbate excoriate lachrymate
loss less bless
weak oblique seek
bless less loss
forward backward forward
less loss bless
anniversaries corollaries reveries
loss less bless
wake slake daybreak
bless less loss
listen glisten transition
less loss bless
refrain reclaim remain
loss less bless
hover discover recover
bless less loss

saxifrage alpine plant – name from Old French saxifrage, from Late Latin saxifraga, from Latin saxifrages  = ‘stone-breaking’

Residents In Situ: writing retreat

a daddy long legs
abseils down from ceiling height
decorates a loo roll on my bathroom shelf

a flash of dark fur
espresso-sized   young mouse legs
scarper beneath holed skirting boards

tiny fungi gnats glide on light beams
drawn by sweet flesh
of soft-ripe breakfast bananas

three dust-bodied grey winged moths
shy and neatly folded   hide
slotted in slats of collapsed blinds

a mosquito whines
whistles warnings in my ear
primes its proboscis to pierce my skin

I am forced to learn
my room is occupied    resists
human residents   refuses to be colonised

About the contributor

Ceinwen Haydon's first chapbook was published in July 2019: 'Cerddi Bach' [Little Poems], Hedgehog Press. She was a winner in the Nicely Folded Paper Pamphlet Competition, July 2019.

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