2 poems by Sanjib Kumar Baishya

The Clock

The clock cannot change the destiny

Of seconds, minutes, hours, years and centuries.

It can only be witness to 

The changing nations

And their histories

Recorded in blood-stained pages.

It ticks away its agony,

Its inability to protest

Against the builders of chaotic moments.

Archeology of Silence

We tried to excavate truths
Lying under the monuments
For thousands of years
Of civilizations,
Of people,
Created and destroyed
By emperors,
Of the privileged class.
People who redefined humanity
No longer could be traced.
Gods and emperors
Of those times
Banished them
And they took shelter
Under those monuments
And waited
With their mummified memories
To see the end
Of the archeology of silence.

About the contributor

Dr. Sanjib Kumar Baishya is an Assistant Professor at Delhi University who has published a good number of poems in various national and international journals and magazines including The Blue Nib. The first collection of his short poems Truths in the Market was published in 2019 with Notion Press.

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