2 Poems by Jenny Blackford


To spin the wind


Taller and paler and even more slender

than Elves or Eloi, a long line of ladies


(each lifted one-legged) loops bald yellow hills.

Lizards and bandicoots scrabble in dust;


hawks hunt the dry sky. High-whirling arms

spin wind into power, weave lightning from air


for us all, for the land, for the sky.



Lamb’s Ears (Stachys byzantina)


There’s a new plant

in the garden, a suede-soft

groundcover mounding silver

underneath the purple fountain

of New Zealand flax.


It wasn’t there last night

must have grown

like a mushroom

silent in the dark.


It looks a lot like Stachys,

but even silkier to touch.

If you sneak close enough

to stroke the ears

you’ll hear it purr.


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