2 poems by Fotoula Reynolds


A cup of memories


On the back of a whale

She rides through her fears

With heart, she dives deep

As slow as a silkworm

She spins fine white threads

A slow tapestry of verses


Under heaven’s dome

Poetry inhales love

And exhales wisdom

Feeling the palpitation of planets

She shares the exact silence in

The space between small stars


Following a trail of song

The rain brings her to a café

On the corner of somewhere

Between the lost and the found

Bitter as dark chocolate

She weeps words and feelings

Into her coffee cup of memories


Her eyes are blind but there is

A stirring in her soul, like a rose

Her existence begins to open

Petal by petal, tender words are waiting

Revealing a self-conscious girl with

A desire to speak and to no longer be

Imprisoned by her inhibitions


In her wine-purple garden

Flowers lay still on the ground

Her ivory voice holds her tight



Her wrath


In the classroom of closed minds

The wooden ruler is never far away

On a cold August morning

I meet its striking force


With a shocking after-sting

Mrs Battle-axe delivers her

Meaningless message

The palm of my right hand

Bears its imprint, showing

A correct measurement of width

But this is not a math lesson


The hair on my arms stand on end

And shake like leaves on branches


Use me as an example

A public display

I receive my punishment

The crime is talking


The lesson I learned is

Adults trump children

What I know now is

My dreams are my business



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