2 poems by e.r de siqueira



as in taking the heart

and body spread open

left under the sun,

the dough under clean

sheets on the bed, rising.

Mix the starter and

knead, stretch. Left till proven.

After leaving his arms

at the witching hours

I dive to the old kitchen

for more pastoral service.

There’s some bossa nova

playing low in the back of

my mind, his body on linen

sheets like beach sand as if

sun-tanning. He sleeps, an

emperor almighty in his solar

beauty, swaying. There will be

music in the morning as scent

of baking bread, when

the sun has already risen,

the music of olive tree leaves

bouncing as laurels. I go

forth to the kitchen, even

bare-chested, the tree

bough reflected on the

fishbowl, almost full moon

in August, I embrace the

waters, like a fish dancing in

the afterglow. Outside the window

nymphs, crickets and cicadas

singing far in the meadows.

Turkish dried figs, sweet sour

on the tongue, sun granulated.

Semolina on the loaf,

flour all over the bough

on my chest, early stains.

He wakes with the sun,

the bread ready to bak


Neptune goes direct

when I get a message

from you. An invitation

to a book launch. Last

time we’ve met you were

shiny and simply dashing

so expressive among

the folks and gents at

another book launch,

and all I could glimpse

under your formal attire

was how you always

looked better casually

allowing me to strip you

off. I remember

wondering how many

of those invitees

knew your skin,

bare and smooth,

the notes

on your torso,

the Latinisms

on your touch.

You signing the books

and posing for pictures

the book shelves

breathing plurality.

I go out for a cig

and come back

when Neptune does

its direct circle.

Vico reminds me

it’s already morning

as he paws

the mattress calling

me reviving past

habits. A time

we were constant:

tone changing

according to

the exact taste

of sweat

on a matinée.


you might say.

I might

have agreed.

About the contributor

e.r. de siqueira is a queer Latino poet originally from Brazil. He holds a BA in English Literature from UFMG, and is currently pursuing an MA in English Literature. Poetry works have appeared in the anthology My scwhules Auge - My Gay Eye - Berlin edition, Magma, Hawai'i Review, and others.

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