2 poems by Denise Teresa O’Hagan


I wake up to the smell 

of diffused dawn 

the Last Post quelled 

dissipated alone through thin air

still provoking heroisms  

called up each April

as we remember them.

This year locked down

our lone tribute

falls away unseen 

on back lawns and roadsides

as plastic poppies

configured out of red shopping bags

blow between      the letterboxes.

Rations of flour, yeast and salt   weigh up

a return     to tradition    revived

restorative dough

kneading grounding warmth 

rising time for  


this solitary day of remembrance.


Poem by Denise Teresa O'Hagan

About the contributor

Denise Teresa O’Hagan is an Auckland-based poet. Her poetry is published in Fast Fibres Poetry Five (2018), Fresh Ink anthology (2017) and NZ Poetry Society Anthology (2017). She spent twelve years living in Brazil, Chile, Spain, Belgium and England which has inspired her poetry as well as three novels.

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