2 Poems by Andrew Leggett


The ’70s were times for culling kangaroos,

when Chum would keep the jump in your pooch:

98% kangaroo, 2% food colouring.

In 1992, the government declared the kangaroo

fit for human consumption, emu too:

national symbols became cuisine nouvelle. I’m worrying.

In the year 2042, the government declares the cull

on elderly. Too much drag on social security:

baby boomers in the stew. I’m scurrying!


We left home from Magenta, up through Norah Head,

driving through a black spot, lost the internet.

My thought train slid, as Coltrane dropped from Spotify,

down the sax keys of my mind, longing for my children

at the jazz show in the vines.

Children are the blue notes in the pentatonic line

as we leave the pier and pelicans at Budgewoi behind.

They ride the engine’s murmur as we pass by Morriset,

saddening the timbre of the mortal instrument

that strains towards revival at the jazz show in the vines.

There’s heartsink on the highway, crossing double lines,

dodging all the roadkill, traffic cops and fines.

We pull into the Caltex to refuel and refresh.

Fresh coffee and the love will bring us both

to the jazz show in the vines.

Pushing on through Cessnock, fibro shacks and wines,

take a left turn through Pokolbin, following the signs.

There’ll be bubbles on arrival, brass arpeggios,

a chanteuse on the mainstage, chatelaine by my side

proclaiming our arrival at the jazz show in the vines.

About the contributor

Andrew Leggett is an Australian author and editor of poetry, fiction and interdisciplinary papers. Currently prose editor for StylusLit, he was editor of the Australasian Journal of Psychotherapy from 2006-2011. His poetry collections Dark Husk of Beauty (2006) and Old Time Religion and Other Poems (1998) were published by Interactive Press.

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