2 pieces by Sudanese poet, Enas Suleiman


In between clouds of feathers,
a heavy weight flattens your pillow
and the warm sweetness of oud on skin
escapes through that window you never fixed.
I have not brewed coffee in months,
nor found a home in another bed
yet I still wake to the shuffle of feet in our grey-tiled kitchen,
imagine you’re in last night’s boxers
with an unbrushed mouth that someone else is kissing.


The window is shut,

orange curtains drawn 

yet dust finds its way

into the drawers I have reserved for you.


Help me fix the cracks

so we can be.

About the contributor

Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Enas Suleiman is a poet from Sudan. She is the author of a poetry collection, ‘Tidal Waves’ and a co-founder of the NWN poetry community in Sudan.

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