2 New poems from Deirdre McKernan Crosby

Preparing for Confirmation, April ‘65

“Time to prepare to be a soldier of Christ”.

Confused, anxious, I wonder at it all.

A soldier, a warrior, but I’m not a boy!

And a Holy Ghost to descend, tides of tears fall.

In class and evening instruction after school

Nuns swish through the halls with regimented zeal.

Cloaked crusaders, planning their perennial campaign.

Darkness and dread uninvited and real.

“God help you all if you fail the final test

For the Archbishop might wield his un-holy hand

A fighter in tears, what good would that be?

Holy Mary, “please don’t let him pick me!”

I slink inside my miniscule self, silence saturates the air.

It was our fate, our spiritual destiny, never to question.

Scream, no soldiers, no ghosts welcome anywhere here.

“I’m nine, a girl, my only wish, a life without fear.”

Our Suburban Riviera

Red tiles bake, their border glistens

On the open porch.

Plump honey bees

Visit summer-long among the Dahlias.

The emerald lawn a backdrop

To butterflies dancing their fairy reels.

Discarded books and newspapers

Rest amongst the threadbare cushions.

Memories gather in the night scented air.

A lifelong jewel, our Riviera.

About the contributor

Deirdre McKernan Crosby enjoys drawing, art, creating diverse needlework and spending time with her grandchildren. Her recent work was published in the Bray Arts Journal and Boyne Berries Literary Journal in 2019.

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