1 Poem from Matt Duggan

When Girls Grew Fists  & Boys Wore Make-Up  

Stepping over the outline of sleeping

baby skinheads scattered 

under railway tunnels 

glue sniffed on cycle tracks;  

In a quarry that runs a green long neck

over bent rugby posts signed 

with velvet arrows & love hearts

In the age of Chernobyl 

where girls grew fists 

and boys wore make-up; 

In a time when Pinochet 

murdered Neruda; 

we watched the Berlin wall topple

in black & white on the BBC; 

We slept in bright wallpapered rooms 

our youth had felt like a diary written 

on strong prescription & hallucinating drugs.

About the contributor

Matt Duggan's poems have appeared in many journals such as The Journal, The Dawntreader, Into the Void, Ink, Sweat, and Tears, Ghost City Review, Lakeview International Journal, Matt won the Erbacce Prize for Poetry in 2015 and the Into the Void Prize in 2016, he has a new chapbook out called A Season in Another World (Thirty West Publishing House). and has just returned from readings in Boston, New York, and Philly.

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