1 Poem By Rohan Buettel


eastern rosella – 

its scalloped back

a mosaic

trestle table

on a Las Vegas street –

shell game still draws a crowd

pruned vine –

the ornamental grape

claws the sky

gang of old cyclists

drink coffee on the stairs –

their misspent youth

cold and clammy –

winter fog

crawls my skin

éminence grise

at the lecture hall

a solitary silverback

modern high rise

slashes in the facade

a pirates’ retreat


dark and sweet  

Belgian chocolate

full transparency –

glass walls reveal

empty rooms

chief justice –

her pointed question

impales counsel

a tight weave –

the plastic fabric

of an outdoor chair

 Poem by Rohan-Buettel

Rohan Buettel is a new poet. He lives in Canberra. His haiku have been published in Echidna Tracks, Creatrix, Frogpond, Kokako and Haiku Xpressions. His longer form poetry has been published or accepted for publication in Quadrant and Cicerone Journal.

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