1 poem by John Robert Grogan



This waking up is sometimes hard to do.

These mornings have been very dark and cold,

My heart’s lament in everything, but you.


The darkness gets less credit than is due,

When motives for enlightenment get sold.

This waking up is sometimes hard to do.


A magpie swoops my ear and leaves a bruise,

This eve’s adrift with jasmine uncontrolled.

My heart’s lament in many things, but you.


Neglected lustful flames are nothing new,

Relationships as screens, can feel the toll.

This waking up is often hard to do.


I dreamed an orb of golden light to soothe

Our restless selves. Throughout the night, behold,

A heart laments on everything, but you.


A cloudless sky suspends a watchful moon,

We seekers fill our pockets from the soul.

This waking up is sometimes hard to do.

A heart’s lament in everything, but you.

About the contributor

John Robert Grogan is a poet and copywriter, who plays tradesperson by day. An Irishman based in Sydney, Australia for almost 15 years, JR’s poetry reflects his love and reverence for the natural world, his minor obsession with the human condition and the perception of our world around us.

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